CHANTIER PARADES is a mosaic of improbable and absurd choreography, stories of confrontations, efforts, denials, struggles we wage to not feel completed and finished. It is an imaginary construction site that shows states of inner reconstruction.
The show confronts different realities, that of the ordinary, material world, the tool and the dreamlike and sublime world of baroque music.
Three characters, each with their own obsessions, phobias and desires, repeat rituals to try to fix themselves. Then they create dances with naive courage - joyful, macabre dances!
The sound space of this baroque construction site is invaded by the vibrations of the electric wires, the screams of unknown industrial machines, the almost animalistic movements of the construction site cranes.

Direction: Kristina Dementeva
With: Pierre Dupont, Lou Simon, Marius Alsleben
Construction: Pierre Dupont
Outside Eye: Juliette Dubreuil 
Music: Antti  Korhola
Set and costumes: Solène Fourt
Management: cie Singe Diesel Monkey (29)
Fotos: Pierre Dupont