D.D. Rabbit

PREMIERE on 10 March 2022
FiTZ Stuttgart 

Two facing each other
Zwei, prosten sich zu
Two toast
And what comes next?

In the concert format D.D. Rabbit, Marius Alsleben gives birth to his inner rabbits out of music and sound, which are the phenomenon of the intermale relationship to the bottom. Using the example of father and son, the construct of same-sex communication is taken apart and put back together again in an absurd way.

The performer and his rabbits question the seemingly normal from different perspectives and give in to the inner urge to view the self-evident as something alien.

Idea, play, construction and music: Marius Alsleben
Outside Eye: Jan Jedenak
Ausstattung/Bühne/Bau: Clara Palau Y Herrero
Entwicklung: Anna-Kirstine Linke, Marius Alsleben
Outside Ear: Philip Riediger
Lights: Frieder Miller
Costume: Anne Ferber
Conception: Tobias Tönjes
Video/Grafik: Lucca Donalies

Poster: Lucca Donalies