Faust Eins. Puppen Pop und Pudel


A male and female player and a musician arrange to play Faust I on stage. "What does Faust have to do with me?" they ask. And, "When will the Gretchen in me come up?".Based on the characters of the historical Doctor Faustus, who inspired Goethe to write his work, the hand puppets seduce, deceive, destroy and fight each other. But it's not just the puppets who have a lot to deal with. Who gets to play which role has to be renegotiated again and again in order to finally decide who will take his life into his own hands. With a lot of wit, puppets and pop, the trio encourages people to think for themselves.

Live music, original text passages between singing and spoken word and means of puppet theater.

Direction: Iris Keller
Play: Marius Kob und Anne Brüssau
Music, Play and composition; Marius Alsleben
Musical advice: Philip Riediger
Co-direction and stage design: Oliver Klauser
Dramaturgy: Stefanie Oberhoff
Production management: Laurence Sauter