Sloe Paul @ Klangkeller 24.10.20
Sloe Paul – L’Amour De L’Escargot

Sloe Paul sends the listener into a groovy synth-pop delirium, fusing lo-fi attitude with psychedelic sounds. Producing in the bedroom, Sloe Paul charmingly uses unconventional structures and patterns, shaping a very personal sound with exceptional playing of a wide instrumentation. With the 2018 debut "Paul Abbrecht's Album" released on Treibender Teppich Records, DIY heroes such as R. Steevie Moore are recurred, finding soul and disco thoughts as well as 60ies pop references and shoegaze influences. Live, Sloe Paul is played by five musicians: The band creates a musical sweep from R'n'B to jazz and ambient to dreampop and new wave, interpreting and improvising songs that make the light pinch of a night ride in Miami blow around your ears.

Paul Abbrecht, Tim Bohnert, Marius Swigler, Markus Schreiter, Marius Alsleben